What are the secrets of famous vloggers?

In a vloggers’ world, the end slate is an important tool, which helps to attract more subscribers and views and connect stories. That’s why the most famous vlogger channel creators, which have more than million (or billion) views on Youtube are using end slates with attractive backgrounds and functional templates at the end of their videos.

Selecting the best template and background that can additionally attract viewers to watch their next video or visit their social media profiles, helps them to increase their numbers (views, subs etc), but also to be authentic, organized and professional. 

Are you a vlogger who wants to gain more subscribers and views?

Being a vlogger is at the same time creative, interesting and difficult. It’s about reaching out with your video, to the people who will hopefully watch it until the end. They don’t know how much pain and effort it took to make it, but in these few minutes when they are watching, they are the final judges. (the beauty of YouTube is that, at least, people who are watching will let you know if something is good or bad).

Creating a video itself is always an interesting part of vlogging. 

Following some key rules, like:

  • creating good and quality content
  • thinking very carefully about the objectives you want to achieve
  • being personal and authentic
  • posting content on regular basis
  • asking audience what are the things they would like to see

will bring viewers to your channel.

But, the goal is not to stay at the bottom of the list, but to climb higher and one day, why not, to be among the most popular vloggers. 

What are the most popular vloggers doing to increase number of subscribers and attract viewers?  

They use custom made templates and creative background for their end slates

Here are some plain and not-so-plain examples of end slates, functional, that follow the rules:

  • Simple
  • Functional
  • Story-connecting
  • Clickable


End slates of famous youtubers:

Caspar – 5 years on Youtube, 6 million subscribers,  470 million views
He started his video career by doing ‘weird character videos in my bedroom, as he was too scared to be himself. Among the video pranks and challenges, he also has special guests’ interviews. 


CTFxC  - 8 years on Youtube, 1,5 million subscribers, 704 million views
They got married and then divorced. They are posting vlog every single day! They even won a Guinness World Records for the most consecutive daily video blogs posted on YouTube!


IISuperwomanII – 6 years on Youtube, 8 million subscribers, 1 billion views
People say she is the funniest woman on Youtube. She ranked 8th on the Forbes list of World's Highest Paid YouTube Stars, earning a reported $3 million in 2015. when she is not blogging, she is motivational speaker, a stand-up comedian and a rapper.

She has also mentioned the end slate annotations problem very nicely in one of her videos HERE. If you are a youtuber, you'll feel right at home.



Ilikeweylie - 9 years on Youtube, 1,5 milion subscribers, 120 million views
Beauty guru and beauty advices. She has two channels.



Meet the Vloggers – 4 years on Youtube 85.000 subscribers, 7 million views


Niomi Smart – 5 years on Youtube, 1,5 million subscribers, 66 million views
She was  working as a shop assistant after finishing university. Because of her boyfriend Markus (also a vlogger) she has decided to set up her own - and has rapidly risen in the YouTube ranks ever since.


Sharla in Japan – 510.000 subscribers, 2,1 million views
Canadian-born and Tokyo-based. She has visited Japan for the first time when she was 13 and she fell in love with the city. She has 2 channels in which she describes Japanese lifestyle.


Shaytards – 8 years on Youtube, 4,2 million subscribers, 2 billion views
Father of 4, posting videos on almost daily basis. He has 3 channels, of which two have more than 3 milion subscribers. Forbes called Butler one of the "most successful video entrepreneurs on YouTube



Tyler Oakley – 9 years on Youtube, 8 million subscribers, 552 million views. 
Likes to appear in other channels and is a true Youtube Celebrity. His Youtube popularity helped him to made some impressive interviews, like those with Michele Obama and One Direction.

"Okay, I saw the examples but, why is it so important to have an attractive end slate?"

Vloggers are different, so as their end slates. With end slates, they want to emphasize what is important for them. In most of the cases, their end slates have an attractive background and a subscribe button, positioned at a place where everyone can see it. 

But, there are some other elements which can be considered as very important for everyone who is doing a Youtube vlog.

Information about social media accounts

There are many ways you can use to promote your video content. Social media are of a huge importance. Social media info at the end slate can lead the viewers to your social media accounts where they can get more information about you (or another way for you to keep in touch with them)

Another videos’ recommendation 

For you as a vlogger, viewers are precious! You can’t afford to loose them, because let’s say vlogging is (or will be) your source of income. By adding additional videos on your end slate, you can keep the viewers staying more on your Youtube channel, recommending them some more interesting content to see. Make sure you connect the dots, your viewers are following. Don't just drop random videos. The best, thing you can do is to link to your most popular video you have that is of the same category as the one your viewers just watched! The most popular video you have, is popular for a reason!

Connecting previous and next story

This is very important if you have one topic cut in several episodes. By using an end slate, you can guide the viewers to your before and after videos, which they would be interested to watch. 

Using creative end-slate templates

This is something that differentiates vloggers and emphasizes their creativity. So be creative and choose or make your own customized template.

Your end slate's background

Each vlogger is trying to get attention of the viewers - they want them to continue watching their channel. Even though the selection of elements and their positioning of the end slate is very important, the background itself is a very powerful tool which can additionally motivate viewers to click on desired buttons.

Before you say it’s difficult – try Outromaker

There are many things vloggers have to do in order to have their videos posted online. The reason why some of them don’t use end slates or YouTube annotations is because it can be one more difficult, time consuming task. It requires searching for the templates, then digging through old videos, additional editing…And the most frustrating - adding "those damn annotations" and cards manually, every single time on YouTube’s interface.

With Outromaker, you can create end slates with a few clicks

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Using the Outromaker, you can select one of the ready-made templates or use the provided tools to make your own super-customized end slate template.

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