Make an awesome outro with picmonkey, right inside OutroMaker without photoshop, for free

Creating an outro template image from scratch, inside OutroMaker

In this article, we explore the vast posibilities to create a template image for your outros. Outromaker works with PicMonkey, the premium online image editing software.

Creating a template

Creating your own outro template image is a piece of cake with OutroMaker.

First of all, you need to access your template editing screen:

Click on template to begin making your outro without photoshop

Then, on the template screen, just click new. You will be taken to the template editor.

There, just click on the “Create” button

The create button will take you to OutroMaker's picmonkey module

This will transfer you to the image editor. The first thing you will want to do, is to get rid of the default image. It would not serve as a great background.

Begin by cleaning your end slate

Clear background

  1. Select “basic edits” (the first option on the left menu)
  2. Select “Canvas color” and
  3. Pick a color you like best for your background.

Create an interesting outro background color

Texturing the background

Adding a texture to the background will make it seem much more interesting. You can do so by:

  1. Clicking on the Textures menu on the left
  2. Select a background texture (here, we selected “boards”)
  3. and then adjust the intensity of the texture with the fade slider

Some texture always creates an interesting outro background


You can add more layers to your texture. Here we added a light burst, comming from the top.

Many layers on your outro

16:9 boxes

To have a sense of the size of the videos we will be adding later on, we need a box (which we will remove later if we wish) with the correct aspect ratio of the videos (16:9)

Quick way to do so is to draw a full rectangle over the whole image:

16:9 video placeholders

… and resize it while holding SHIFT to maintain the aspect ratio. (change the color as well!)

outro video placeholders will be replaced by your youtube videos

If you want to create exact copies, right clicking on the overlay, will allow you to create a duplicate.

More than one video on your outro ?


We want to name the videos and add our subscribe call to action and twitter/facebook data as well.

Let’s see how easy it is:

  1. Click on the “Text” menu icon
  2. Select a font. There are quite a few fonts there, you will surely find one that matches the style of your channel
  3. Click add text and a text placeholder will be created inside the image
  4. Click on the placeholder and add your text
  5. Select the text color

After placing the text layer wherever you want, you are Done!

Easily add text on your outro template background

After placing our texts, we can add embelishments (well, sort of…)

The image editor sports many themes on which you can improvise

Here, we add a blood drop on one of the videos.

  1. Just select the themes button (the apple icon)
  2. From the theme you want, select the graphics
  3. Click on the graphics
  4. Place them in your template.

Add icons and embellishments on your outro template

Need icons?

The internet is full of them (or any other graphic in this case)

Just make a quick google search for any icon you want (e.g. twitter and facebook in our example).

Save the results in your own computer and then:

  1. Click on overlays (the butterfly icon)
  2. Select “Your own” at the very top
  3. Upload your saved images
  4. Resize and place as desired

Add twitter and facebook to your youtube outro


Since all your elements are still on layers, you can adjust the background. Here we tweaked the exposure so we can make it show more.

Flatten your new end card template


After flattening the image (1), any effects take place over the whole image. Here, we applied a “Miniature” effect, to enhance the gloomyness of the image (2,3)

Add more effects to your new end card template


Just save the image from the editor menu, and it will be set as your template background on the Template editor on OutroMaker

save your new end cards template

Add elements

Adding the video elements, the subscribe button and the social links is easy:

  1. Click on “Draw custom”
  2. Drag video shape
  3. (ditto)
  4. Click on “Subscribe”
  5. Drag over Subscribe on image
  6. Click on “external link”
  7. Drag over twitter link
  8. Drag over facebook link
  9. Click on save and you’re done!!!

add properties to your new end card template

Your template is ready!

Just click on it to make an outro!

Create your free outro, without photoshop