Join our referral program and make money from OutroMaker

You can now join our referral program. 

You can then promote Outromaker through your Youtube channel (links provided below) and/or social media, blog, mailing friends etc. and make money when your referrals become a paid member of OutroMaker. 

The default payout is $2 to $4 for all paid subscribers coming from your links.

The referral program is run through ShareASale, a long standing, trusted network. 
If you want to be an referral partner, you will need to register with ShareASale

Click here to proceed with the application for the affiliate program

Then, just search for outromaker in the affiliates list and join. As long as your account fulfills the requirements (have an active 1k plus subscription), your application will be accepted within one business day. 

How to apply for the outromaker affiliate program

You can either apply through our form here or by going to the shareasale site and following the steps below:

Applying to outromaker:

  1. Click on "Merchants"
  2. Click on “search for merchants”


A search page will show up.

  1. Put outromaker in the search field
  2. Click “Search”
  3. The result is the outromaker affiliate program. Just click “JOIN PROGRAM”


  1. Check the terms and conditions 
  2. Click “Join this program”


You will get a pop up like the one below:


and you will also receive an email like the one below:


This means that we have been notified of your application and will approve you as soon as possible (usually within a business day).

You will get an email upon approval as well:


How to create Outromaker affiliate links.

As soon as you are approved, you can create affiliate links with the process below:

  1. Click on “links” on the menu
  2. Click on “Get a link/banner”


  1. Write “outromaker” in the “Specific Merchant:” box (it will autocomplete the name).


  1. Click on “Refresh report to view below” at the bottom right to view the merchant.


  1. Click on “Get links”


  1. On the page that will open, click on “get HTML code”


the page will expand and you can copy the code:

Code (1) is an HTML snippet that if you paste it in a blog post, will display the text and link to it through your shareasale affiliate. 

Code (2) is a link to outromaker through your shareasale affiliate which you can use on your youtube channel description, send through email or place in your social media posts.


You can take code no.2 and shorten it even more by compressing it with the google URL compressor here:

This will produce a link of this form : which is expanded to your affiliate link. You still get the sale lead using this link as if you were using the original link provided by shareasale. It is just easier to put in a twitter post or in your youtube video description. 

One added benefit of the link is that you can see how many clicks you had on it. If you place the plus symbol at the end of the link (e.g. you will be taken to a dashboard where you can see the number of clicks the link received and the location in the world where those clicks occured. 


How to track your sales performance

Once you place your link where people are able to access it, you can track registrations/sales through your links from the ShareASale dashboard.

To see how many sales you have so far, you can:

  1. Click “Reports”
  2. Click “Activity details”

This will present you of a list of all conversions. You will see a conversion for a small amount (e.g. 2 cents) for people that created an account on and the commission amount ($2-$6 depending on your subscriber count) for each user that registered through your links and bought the 1k plus plan.

Payments are handled by ShareASale and occur every month. For more info on how to use ShareASale, you can check out their tutorials here:


Click here to start making money by promoting OutroMaker