Is making a YouTube end slate worth the time and effort?

Okay! You have created your videos for YouTube and now it’s time to think how to get more views and gain more YouTube subscribers. Before uploading the final video create an end slate!

The end slate is the part of your video at the very end, that proposes other videos from your channel to your viewers, before YouTube’s auto-suggestion feature drives them away. It is a tool that can help you deal with a huge competition on Youtube and make your videos more visible. With an end slate, you’ll have an animated call to action at the end of your video, which will send an important message: “Guys, there is more quality content you can see on my channel”. 


Conan’s end slate – more than 3 mil. subscribers on Youtube

What are the benefits of having an end slate?

Having an end slate is a great way to drive awareness, gain more views to your other videos, increase engagement and subscribers. Let’s focus on the two most important: a YouTube end slate can help you increase subscribers and views on your channel.

Increase watch time

Overall viewing session (video watch time) on YouTube is the most important ranking factor for videos. If your video can send more views to your other videos, they will rank better in search. 
Moreover, your channel will rank better as it provides YouTube with more view time. This is important because, in the end, YouTube wants to show as many ads as possible. View time is the key to that and if you provide it to YouTube, it ranks you better! So simple!

This is where an end slate jumps in and changes the viewing game.

What an end slate actually does is asking nicely all those viewers watching your videos to continue watching relevant content you’ve selected for them. By giving them the opportunity to choose another video on your end slate, you are informing them that you have something more to offer. They will get one more good video to watch, and by keeping them engaged, you will get the chance to be ranked higher in subsequent relevant searches. 


Jimmy Kimmel’s end slate – more than 7 mil. subscribers on Youtube

Increase subscribers

Viewers of your video can’t read your mind - if you don’t clearly announce that you they can subscribe to your channel or that you have other videos worth watching, they won’t know about its’ existence. By adding a subscribe button or title on your end slate you directly ask them to subscribe to your channel - the easiest way for them to see what else you have to offer. Including a subscribe button with a clear call to action on your end slate increases the chance that a person actually will click the button (and, well, subscribe).

If major Youtube publishers who have millions views and subscribers, like Conan O’Brien, Jimmy Kimmel, The King of Random or Kandee Johnson always put end slates on their videos, it’s time for you to start considering using an end slate as a good solution to increase viewers and number of subscribers for your videos!

The King of Random’s end slate – more than 5 mil. subscribers on Youtube

Can creating an end slate be an easy process?

All these things mentioned above are great, but are they worth the time spending on creating an end slate? 

Making an end slate can be a difficult job. Difficult and frustrating. It requires a lot of search and editing time, while repeating the same things over and over again.

If you ever created an end slate, you’ve gone through all these, not so creative and inspiring, stages:

  • searching templates for your video editing software

  • digging through your hard drive for old videos

  • struggling with cutting, editing and placing your videos on the timeline

And the most frustrating of all - adding YouTube annotations and cards manually, every single time on YouTube’s interface.

If you don’t want to go through all these steps all over again, try Outromaker!



  • Outromaker automates the end slate creation procedure you would otherwise need to repeat manually for each one of your production videos.
  • It allows you to automatically populate the end slate with the videos you choose from your YouTube channel. No need to search in old hard drives for your archives.
  • Using the Outromaker, you can select one of the ready-made templates or use the provided tools to make your own super-customized end slate template.
  • Outromaker saves you (at least) 30 minutes of your time!

Check our video! Like it? Try Outromaker for free!