How to: make your own PoKeMoN GO outro for your YouTube videos

Playing Pokemon Go for your YouTube fans? You NEED a Pokemon Go outro to match.

With this easy, step-by-step tutorial, you will make your own Pokemon Go outro template

(this template is already available in the Outromaker Stock Templates so if you just want to create an outro, you can use the ready-made template. The purpose of this how to is to give ideas and let you customize the template/image)

This is what we’ll be making.

What we need:

We need to find the logo of Pokemon GO, find fonts so we can customize the texts and pick a background we like.


  1. Go to and search for “pokemon” or just go directly here:
  2. Download the font and unzip, to install to your computer. (more info here:


Do a google search for “pokemon go logo” and switch to images:

If you search for PNG images, chances are that these images will be transparent. So it will be easier to composit them on top of your background. Grab one and save it on your hard drive.


You can go nuts here. In this example, I searched again, on google images for “Pokemon background”

When you view the image, just right click on it and click on copy image

We will be using photoshop for the end slate here.

Just paste the image (ctrl-v) and then select a small vertical slice. We will then copy and paste this slice to another layer and stretch it to create the gradient background.

Open the downloaded PNG logo file and select everything then copy it …

… and paste it to your background

Creating the video placeholders.

Create a new layer and fill everything with a solid color.

Then resize it while holding down Shift. This will keep the aspect ratio and you will end up with a perfect 16:9 video placeholder for your outro videos.

Let’s color the placeholder

Right click on the placeholder layer and select “Blending options”

To replicate the color scheme of the Pokemon logo, we need to create :

  • A solid yellow color overlay for the main area of the letters/placeholders
  • A light blue stroke
  • An inner shadow with light coming from top-right
  • and a drop shadow with a dark blue color

To exactly replicate the colors you can pick them from the logo, using the color picker tool

Yellow solid color overlay

Click on Color overlay (1) then click on the color picker (2) and just click on the yellow logo part (3)

Follow the above procedure to pick the color but increase the size of the stroke as seen below.

Create an Inner Shadow as well with the following parameters:

And last but not least: The dark blue shadow. Make sure to set the Blend mode as “Normal”

You now have a video placeholder you can duplicate to create as many as you want. We will use the same Layer style in the letters as well.

Subscribe button

Just add a text (pokemon has alternating CAPITAL and lowercase letters so you might want to go with that effect on the subscribe word as well)

Then, click on the placeholder layer we created earlier and click on “copy layer style”

Select the subscribe text and right click. Select Paste Layer style and you’re done!

Previous and Random videos text

Use the same method to add the “Previous” and “Random” video texts:

Final Touch

Something is missing! It’s Pikachu !

Do a quick search on google images for “pikachu png” to get transparent images of this cute character.

Save one of the images and paste it on your photoshop creation!

Outromaker template

Save your image as a jpg (save for web, high quality)

Then, go to and create a new template. Import the image you just saved.

Add the video placeholders (1 & 2) and the subscribe button (3) end screen annotation elements.

Go create your Outros!


You can also find the psd file here if you want to start with something already made. Make sure you install the pokemon font as well.