How to create youtube outro videos with OutroMaker

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Even though creating an outro video with the OutroMaker is surprisingly simple, here are the basic steps you need to take to create one yourself.

First of all, you will need to login to the application. OutroMaker uses your google/G+ account to connect you with YouTube. 

You will be asked to allow permission to OutroMaker to access your account information

Using your google account to login to outro maker


You will then be presented with your dashboard. If this is your first time using the application, the screen will look like the one below. 

The welcome page for first time visitors         

You can use the "Test drive" section to create a quick and simple outro video but the real power of the OutroMaker is its ability to create "tailor made" outro templates. 

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In this example, we'll use the Test drive to quickly come up with an outro video. For more info on creating templates, you can check out this document

To proceed, click on "Make":

Create a quick outro with default options


This will take you to the next page of the three-step wizard. In the first step, we need to select whether we want to use our own, customized background image or just go with the default background image provided. 

Optional upload of image to be used as background.


If you upload an image for your video template, you need to keep it to a 16:9 ratio to fit the YouTube format appropriate for your end video. If our image's aspect ratio is not exactly 16:9, then we will be presented with a cropping option to adjust it. Since we'll be using the default image, no cropping is required.

Next, we will select a layout from the ones available. If you create your own video template layouts, those will be available here as well. 

We will select the layout shown below (1) and proceed by clicking "Next" (2):

Selecting one default outro template.


This will take us to the next step of the wizard where we will select the videos that will go inside the outro template we have chosen. Just click on the video to select it. It will assign a number that corresponds to the position in the outro video template:

Selecting videos for the youtube end card


By default, the application fetches the 50 last videos of our channel. We can always load more by clicking the "load more" button at the end of the videos list or just search by name by clicking the respective option:

Using the search video option


When you select a video, you can see a quick preview of how it will approximately look when done. It is an approximation because we still need to pick the start and end points of the individual videos to select an interesting part of it to show up on our end slate. So we click "Next".

Previewing the end card


On the third page of the wizard, we select the duration of the produced outro video:

Select outro video duration


...and the starting points of each selected video. You should make sure that they point to some interesting part of your video. You can, for example, show how your completed project looks like (which is usually what comes before your outro at the end of each youtube video) or some part of the video with strong, eye catching visuals. 

Selecting end video starting points


To finish the wizard, just click on "Finish" at the bottom and the application will start creating your outro video!          

Clicking, will take you to your outros list. Your video is now being prepared and as soon as the orange status

Your outro dashboard


turns to green:

Your YouTube end slate is ready!


You will be able to view your outro video (1), download it to your computer to use it with your offline or online video editor (2), delete it (3) or rename it (4). 

Renaming the video to something that makes sense will probably be a good idea as we'll be looking for that name when we add the YouTube annotations with the tool, later on.

Your next steps will be to download the produced video, use it with your offline or online video editor (eg, you can append it in your timeline on offline video editors like Sony Vegas, Final Cut or even Windows movie maker or use it with the online youtube video editor to append it after one of your videos).

As soon as your video is ready and uploaded to YouTube, you will want to use the Outro-Annotator tool to add YouTube Annotations and Cards to keep viewers from leaving your channel. It is just a three-click process, saving you the time and frustration involved when adding annotations and cards manually!

Automatically add YouTube Annotations and Cards with three clicks!

Click here to see how the "Outro-Annotator" works

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