How to create your own, customized YouTube outro template

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While the Outro Maker provides some default video outro templates out of the box, its real power lies in the ability to completely customize your YouTube outros.

Creating your customized outro template, allows you to give it the look and feel of your YouTube channel. This means it will not startle the viewer as something different and will funnel your viewers to your other videos efficiently. 

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You can start by creating an image with your favorite drawing program. 

If you don't have a favorite of your own, you can check out at the very bottom of the post for an extensive list of online and offline drawing programs and applications that will help you create your template. 


You will need to come up with a HD-resolution image (1920x1080pixels) that has places for the videos of your outro.

Moreover, you will probably want to place a subscribe button graphic as the outro maker takes care of the subscribe button automatically as well. 

So, let's say for example we created the following picture in a drawing program:


Notice there are five black rectangles where the videos will play over and the subscribe button. 

  • Outromaker can handle as many videos as you like, so the only limit is your imagination regarding placement, size and number of videos you put in your template.
  • You can even overlay videos, for example place one video as the background and others on top of it. But in our example we'll keep it simple. 


If you haven't yet created a template in the outro maker template editor, you will need to click on "templates" at the top of the screen and you will find yourself in a page like this:


Just click on "Make" and you will be transfered to the outro template editor. 

Here, you will upload the image you have created in the previous step. 

So click on the upload icon (1) or just drop your image in the center section. You can remove it by clicking on the trash can icon. 


Once uploaded, it will show up on the center section and, by hovering over the bottom right corner, you will see a pop up menu with two options.

(1) is the video placement tool.

(2) is the subscription button placement tool


By selecting the video placement tool, you drag rectangles on the screen where your videos will appear:


Do this for all the places you want videos to appear on (in our example we need to cover the five black spots). You can also move the videos around by dragging them.

On each video placeholder there is a trash icon to delete it and a copy icon to create an exact duplicate. 

At the end, you should come up with something like the image below. Remember, to cover the subscribe button, you need to select the "Add subscribe" menu option from the bottom right.


When you're done, just click on Save at the bottom of the page and the outro template will be placed on your templates page:

You can create an outro video, based on this outro template, by just clicking on the outro. You can also set it as default when you have more than one template available

Lastly, you can remove it by clicking "remove". 


Default template and new YouTube outros

When you have created more than one outro template, you can quickly create a new outro with the default template from the outros page, by just clicking on "new", making sure "tailor-made" is selected.


Of course, you can create new templates depending on your needs, or just change the default template from the templates page.

Once created, the outro video will replace the orange placeholders you placed in the outro with the videos you select like so:


Moreover, OutroMaker can place the YouTube annotations and cards, automatically, on the online YouTube video, in the positions of the template with just a couple of clicks. 

This is done by the Outro-Annotator and is one of the stronger features of OutroMaker as it saves hours that would be spent trying to position the annotation rectangles and finding the referenced videos to link to. The Outro-Annotator creates all annotations and cards with three clicks!!! (Yes, three clicks!!)


List of image editing applications:


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