How-to: add annotations to your YouTube video end card

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Adding annotations and mobile-friendly cards to your outro is a piece of cake!
With just two clicks, our outro-annotator tool adds the annotations to your youtube video, where they should be and linking to the videos you choose. 
Just take a look at the video or follow along:
You simply drag the Outro-Annotator on your browser bookmarks. This only needs to be done once. You can later access the bookmarklet from your bookmarks bar.
Drag on bookmarks
Then, each time you want to add annotations to your youtube videos you just:
1. Go to the YouTube annotations edit page of your uploaded video that contains the Outro you created with the Outromaker.
Edit uploaded video
2. Place the playhead at the point where the Outro part begins.
Define starting time
3. Click on the smart annotations bookmarklet on your bookmarks bar.
Click the bookmarklet
4. Select the proper video from the drop down list (the last video you created is already selected) and check if you want to add titles beneath your videos and if you want YouTube cards to be added as well (you want cards as well as they show up even on mobile devices).
Select outro to be annotated
That's it! The YouTube annotations & cards are there!
  • They link correctly to the videos you selected!
  • They are placed where they should with one click! MAGIC!
Result video