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Get your own set of YouTube graphics, banners and outro templates and give your channel a fresh, professional look.
Learn how to give your YouTube channel a professional look

Want to make an awesome YouTube outro template image but don't know where to start?


The PSD file below contains many different layers, organized by function of each layer group.

For example, there is a folder named “backgrounds”. This contains all the included background textures.

By making visible the various layers, and moving them to desired positions, you can construct a completely customized outro image for your templates in no time.

You also have the full power of photoshop to include other elements, such as text and layer styles

You can create video placeholders by duplicating the respective elements after you have adjusted them as you like. 

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As soon as you finish creating a template image, you can use the outromaker to create your outro videos and add them to your editing software timeline:


How to make an outro template for your YouTube outros


Using outros with your video editing software


Add annotations to your YouTube outro



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The psd file is free for you to download. We only ask you to let your friends know about it. Please share by using the buttons below. You will help in the development of the filie itself. 


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