FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is an outro?

Video 'outro' (aka 'end slate' or 'end card') is a term widely used in the YouTube community to describe a short-length animated clip appended at the end of a production video.

An outro typically features one or more snippets of the channel's previous videos and a 'subscribe' call-to-action button. Video producers tend to make outros interactive by adding YouTube annotations (i.e. tagging the areas of the video that they want to become linked to desired web sources - usually past videos and their channel URL).

Why use an outro?

The benefits of an outro are primarily YouTube SEO and the desire to hold the attention of your viewer for as long as possible (either now or in the future). In any interaction with your audience it is an unfortunate truth that people need to be told – or at least suggested – what to do and where to go next. Having a call to action at the end of your video is therefore important.

The interaction between the viewer and your video are key drivers in the success of your video. YouTube scores all of these elements and in part uses them to rank your video in search results (remember Google owns YouTube) and in other positions around the site e.g. recommended videos.

Why use the OutroMaker?

Because it automates the outro creation procedure you would otherwise need to repeat manually for each one of your production videos (this includes automatically annotating your outros as well, by using the Outro-Annotator bookmarklet).

What is the Outro-Annotator?

Outro-Annotator is a bookmarklet that helps you place the annotations on your YouTube videos. Since the OutroMaker application knows which videos you chose to create an outro and the exact place of each one, it uses this bookmarklet to do the dirty work for you: create all the annotations and set them up correctly, with the proper links and at their designated positions so the outro and the annotations match perfectly.

Do you have a chrome extension which I can use instead of the bookmarklet?

Yes, we do! You can find it HERE

How many outros can I do with my account?

You can create thirty outros per month on the premium plan and 10 with the basic plan.

What is a template and how do I use it?

A template is a pattern, a model that can be used as a guide to do something. They can serve as a starting point for your outros so that the format does not have to be recreated every time it’s used. Our templates are pre-formated in a way to place your other suggested videos along with annotations and cards.

What is included in the 7-day free trial?

When you register with outromaker, you automatically get a full 7 days of free usage of the “Premium” plan. 

How can I cancel my subscription?

Just go to your payments page, accessible through the small gear icon at the top right of the page. There, you can see your current subscription status and cancel it if you desire to do so. You will not be charged again and you will still be able to use the Outromaker until the end of your last payment.

How to I get the "social links" to be clickable?

The social icons cannot be directly linked to the social media sites (youtube does not allow links to external links except your verified website).

  • One option is to use a background for your outros that mentions the usernames on those social networks where the background graphic shows the usernames on the networks

  • the other option is to create links to your verified site you have set on youtube and create a redirect on the site to forward the incoming link to the respective network. This requires a plugin at the website side and will be soon supported by outromaker in an upcoming update.

Can I add outros on the videos I already have uploaded on YouTube?

The outros cannot be added to the videos you have already uploaded on YouTube, as it (YouTube) does not allow for changing the videos once uploaded. The outros need to be appended on your video while editing.