End slate templates dos and donts

The role of an end slate is to make your previous videos more visible, so that everyone who is interested to see what else you’ve created can easily find it. The more time people spend to watch your videos, the greater you’ll rank on Youtube. Also, having an end slate can help you with other important metrics - it is a great way to drive awareness, gain more views to your other videos, increase engagement and subscribers

If you are a vlogger and you are creating content for your videos, you know how important it is to pay attention to every detail. An end slate requires the same treatment.

So: More interesting end slates = better response from your viewers.


End slate templates and important elements

Depending on what you want to achieve, a good end slate can have several elements:

  • Channel name - displaying the name of your channel gives a more professional look to an end slate.
  • Attractive background color - it makes end slate elements more visible.
  • Subscribe button - you want viewers to be able to follow you, of course!
  • Social Media buttons - .... and follow you there too.
  • Your previous videos or playlists you want to promote - you want your viewers to stay as long as they can on your Youtube channel.


Apart from these elements, the way they are organized is very important too. In order to make the best out of it, you need to position them at the right place on an end slate. 

The secret formula can be: not too big, not too small, not too many at the same time.

There is an easy way to see how many clicks you get from your end slates (be that through annotations or cards). Just go to your video manager, click on any video you want, and click on analytics. At the very bottom of the list, you will see "annotations" and "cards". These are your clicks. 

Note how many you usually get from a post with a certain style of end template and compare it to a variation, if you create one. Keep in mind that there are many factors at play but you will be able to spot a trend.

Get some ideas from the most famous vloggers and their outros

We did a small research on how the famous vloggers on Youtube do their outros. Since they have millions subscribers, most probably they discovered what is the best way to create an end slate.
Look at the examples below and grab the ideas for your next end slate from the best!

Bart Baker

7,8 million subscribers


He has it all! Subscribe button, Social Media buttons, his videos and channels. Bart Baker’s end slate looks colorful and positive.

But, it looks too busy, though? 

When you create an end slate it is very important to think of its’ purpose - you want someone to click on it. When you have not so well organized end slate with many buttons, it  makes an end slate overloaded. And, there is a chance that your viewers won’t have time to find the right button.


Carli Bybel

4,5 million subscribers

Whether you like it or not, a black background can make the things you have on your end slate more visible and clear.

Carli Bybel has a simple end slate. She also has many elements on her end slate, but they look more organized compared to the previous example.

This is a good example of the button’s size. You should distinguish which of all is the most important for you and make it more visible and slightly bigger. In this case, they all have the same size. Even though the subscribe button has a red background which makes it stand out, it could also be slightly bigger. 

Dude Perfect

9,5 million subscribers

Dude Perfect’s end slate is focusing on their videos and content. 

However, if you want to subscribe or find them on Facebook, you should do your own research. It depends on what you want with an end slate. If you are only focused on Youtube, then you can leave it without any Social Media buttons. Still, the subscribe button can be something that you should alway have on your end slate.

Good Mythical Morning

One more video oriented end slate. Good Mythical Morning has a subscribe button, the name of their channel as well. It means that their outro has all important elements Youtube visitors need to have.  

Take a look at the way they’ve selected their background - it actually describes perfectly well the name of their channel.

Still, be careful when you have too many colours, because it can make the whole end slate too busy.


4,5 million subscribers

This end slate can be a good example of how to create an awesome end slate. All elements are there, perfectly placed, in great sizes (not to big, not too small). Background colour reflects their visual identity on Youtube. 

iHasCupquake - great job guys!  

Jenna Marbles

16 million subscribers

Jenna Marbles end slate is focused in everything she does on Youtube. So if you have more channels or podcast and you want to promote your vlogs there, this is what you should do.

Still, maybe subscribe button should be added, but since theis channel has more than 16 millions, guess they are feeling comfortable with that. 

Joey Graceffa

6 million subscribers

What is really missing in Joey Graceffa’s end slate is the name of his YouTube channel. It’s good to know that he has a Gaming channel too, but if you are about to see only these elements on an end slate, without knowing Joey, you won’t know whose channel you were watching.

Makeup evolution 

7,5 million subscribers

Makeup evolution is using a black background, which can be a good solution when an end slate has too many elements. Sometimes having too many elements can be confusing, so be really very careful when you select what to put.

What is missing here is the name of the channel. Like in the previous famous vlogger’s case, if viewers don’t know the vlogger, or his or her channel, without its name on an end slate it would be costing views. 

Psycho Soprano

4 million subscribers

Just like a black, white background is making an end slate looks more clear and its elements more organized and visible.

Even though Psycho Soprano’s end slate has a lot of elements which sometimes can be confusing, this is a good example on how important it is to organize them.

Good job Psycho Soprano! It’s just that maybe she can add her channel’s name. This will make her end slate perfect!

Roman Atwood Vlogs

6,2 million subscribers

Roman Atwood’s end slate is very simple. If you are doing day by day vlogs, maybe this can work. In any other case, you should definitely make it more attractive or simply contact us to help you. Maybe adding a channel’s name can be a first step?

Rosanna Pansino

6 million subscribers


If you want your end slate to stand out, it’s not only elements which counts. Your end slate should be attractive and creative. Just like the one that famous vlogger Rosanna Pansino has created.

Ryan Toys Review

2,4 million subscribers

If you are selling or reviewing something and you are using Youtube to promote your services, it is important that your end slate reflects your business. In Ryan Toys Review case, it is obvious that his channel is dealing with kids stuff. Without even knowing what Ryan is actually doing on Youtube, colours and elements on an end slate are speaking for themselves.



The above end slates are used by famous YouTubers. Remember, while they are famous, they might have the wrong idea about their outro or maybe they hit it right on the head when they first created it. 

A bad end slate, with annotations and cards (always!) will bring in more people but the percentage will be low (~7%). To have a great end slate, you need to have balance in your colours, not making it stand out like something that means the video is over. And you need to populate it with relevant content. Meaning that if you have similar content that you think the viewers would appreciate, by all means put it there. 

A well balanced, nicely laid out and themed end slate would bring in more than 16% more views to your other videos. And this is a huge difference that you can make just by adjusting your end slates. 

Isn't that extra 11% worth it ? Yes, it is!