Do viewers actually click on your youtube video end-slate annotations?

It’s a fact that every second people are uploading videos on YouTube. Mainly, their goal is to promote their business or their channels. 

Bad news is that they don’t take advantage of engaging viewers to their videos. Most of them understand the importance of making viewers staying more on their channels, but incorporating tools which can help them, like annotations or end slates, is most of the time at the bottom of their priority list.

Annotations improvements - changing bad reputation

Every Youtube creator knows that in the past, annotations have created more harm than good. Adding them in a Youtube video looked like a good idea – annotations allow adding information, interactivity and engagement, so the video could have layer text, links, and hotspots everywhere.

But, they became annoying. A distraction. Like the TV commercials – know the feeling when you watch the movie and suddenly it is interrupted with 10 minutes commercial block?

Those pesky YouTube annotations in the middle of the video cause the same alergic reactions. They are not user friendly, the video looks unprofessional, not creative and the only thing that viewers want, is to skip that video and never come back again!

Most of the Youtube creators have used annotations just to add the SEO value YouTube offers, but annotations actually never carried any SEO value. There was no pretty way to include a clickable URL to help increase traffic to your website.

So instead of adding value, annotations made viewers want to run as far away from annotated Youtube videos as possible!

Clever way of using annotations is at the end

But, times are changing, and we have discovered that, now there is a clever way of using annotations, make them look professional and useful to users and viewers.

If you use them smart, they have many advantages. And when we say smart, that means to put all information at your end slate, not to distract viewers. 

The most common reason for using end slates is to increase views and subscribers to your Youtube channel. Annotations at the end slate allow you not to lose a single visit - you can link one video to another video, channel or playlist. If you have a long tutorial or how-to video, you can break that video into parts and link the sections.

Do viewers find end slates useful?

If viewers are interested in your content, they would like to see what else you have to offer. You don’t want to miss that opportunity. Using annotations at the end slate will be of a great help for them to:

  • move from (your) video to video
  • watch your content instead of someone else's

Without an end slate, Youtube suggestions would have kicked in and maybe draw the viewer away from your channel. This will result in less viewing time, thus lower Youtube ranking for your videos.
Now, even though most of the Youtube channel creators know that an end slate with annotations is very useful, they simply don’t have time to create it.
But, they are aware that without end slate, they are losing views.

Add an end slate with annotations in just one click

Youtube creators find adding end slates and annotations annoying and time consuming. But, when they go to analytics and see what it does, they understand that end slate is a must at the end of every video because it ultimately matters.

Can creating an end slate be an easy process?

The answer is simple – yes!

If you don’t want to:

  • search templates for your video editing software
  • dig through your hard drive for old videos
  • struggle with cutting, editing and placing your videos on the timeline

And the most frustrating of all - add YouTube annotations and cards manually, every single time on YouTube’s interface, we can do it for you!

Try Outromaker because:

  • Outromaker automates the end slate creation procedure you would otherwise need to repeat manually for each one of your production videos.
  • It allows you to automatically populate the end slate with the videos you choose from your YouTube channel. No need to search in old hard drives for your archives.
  • Using the Outromaker, you can select one of the ready-made templates or use the provided tools to make your own super-customized end slate template.
  • You can even add background music on your end slate for ultimate experience
  • You can easily connect it with your Social Media

Outromaker saves you (at least) 30 minutes of your time!

In order not to lose a single view in the future, give OutroMaker a free spin, add an end card and annotation at the end of your videos. For the beginning, try something simple - add an annotation to request the viewers subscribe to your YouTube channel. Keep an eye in your YouTube analytics to check how many users have clicked on the annotation. More views due to the annotations - better ranking on Youtube. 

You’ll see the difference ;)