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This post will help you create a background image for your outro template with free software available online.

You will be using CANVA ( to create the template and assorted graphics. 

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Let's go to to CANVA. 

After logging in, you will need to create a new project. While canva provides quite a few templates for creating various types of graphics, we will go with custom dimensions. You can find this selection at the top right

Selecting custom dimensions for our new project


The dimensions you need is 1920 width by 1080 height. This is the standard HD 16:9 dimensions.

Setting the dimensions to 1920x1080


As soon as you create the project, you will be presented with canva's design screen. 

First we will need a background to avoid the blank-screen syndrome. Click on "background" at the left and you will see the available options. 

Canva offers some background patterns for free and others for a low price. All free patterns are customizable to an extend and will serve nicely for the purposes of an outro template background image

Selecting a background for the end card template image


Just drag the desired pattern to your workspace. Then click on the colors above and you can change the color scheme. 

In the example, a default blue is used but you can select another color from the plus button.

Select color for your youtube annotation template image background


Adding text is also very easy. Just click on "text" on the left toolbar. You can then select one of the default headings (just plain text) or a more formatted one from the list below the three standard text types.

Selecting text type


You can go for a subscribe button by using one of the predefined typography types. You can always change the colors of each element you use.

Let's drag a boxed text in our workspace. 

Using typography elements as buttons


Change the colors and text and voila!

Transforming a text element to a button


...a subscribe button that can't be missed!

A subscribe button


You will now add the video spots. This is what we will later on mark as video placeholders on the outromaker template editor.

Just go to "Search" and click on "shapes"

Selecting a shape to use as a video spot


Just drag a plain rectangle to your workspace

Dragging a rectangle for the video annotation placeholder


and resize it to a 16:9 ratio. (1.7777) (you can find a nifty aspect ratio calculator here )

Since our whole project is at 16:9 as well, you can just fill the whole workspace with the rectangle and then resize to the desired size.

Canva will keep the aspect ratio if you handle the rectangle from the corners so, after you have set it to a specific size that is 16:9, you can still make the rectangle bigger or smaller without needing to check the ratio again.

Setting the video rectangle


To make exact copies, just use the copy function. You will get duplicates of your first rectangle and will not need to resize again.

Cloning the video placeholders


Canva snaps objects to same width/height etc so you can place them both at the same point.

Placing and snapping


Let's drag another rectangle that will be used as a frame. Drag one with a frame from the shapes menu as we did before.

You will need to place it behind the transparent white rectangle. Just click on the "back" option on its menu:

Sending the frame to the back


Place the inner frame around the video rectangle and when they fit perfectly, clone it to put it behind the other video rectangle as well. 

Change the color to something that will fit (eg dark red in our example

Cloning and changing the color of the frame


You can just drag text around and place it wherever you want. Let's add a heading here. 

Drag the text from the left sidebar and when you edit it on your workspace, you can change font type, color and size.

Adding heading


You can also create an effect shadow (canva does not provide such an effect) by cloning the text, changing the color to dark gray and sending it behind the original text

Creating shadows


Creating text shadows 2


You can add  social buttons and other graphics as well. Searching for twitter through canva, provides some few options:

Adding social icons


You can add anything you want. Just search and add text. 

Social icons pt.2


Another way to add graphics to canva, is to upload it yourself. 

Let's say you want to change the subscribe button to something more standard. You can use google images ( to search for appropriate YouTube subscribe buttons.

Searching for subscribe buttons on youtube


Save your preferred one to your desktop and then just drag it to canva:

Adding our images to canva


There you go! You can find your images to the "uploads" section of the toolbar. Just drop it on your workspace:

Adding images


To use the created youtube outro background, you need to export it to your computer. Click on "Download" at the top right and save it to your computer.

Saving the outro background image


Then go to outromaker and create a new template. There, create the template as described here: How to create your customized youtube outro template

Creating the template in outromaker


And you're done!

Just remember to use Outromaker's auto-annotations on youtube to add the annotations and buttons automatically for you!


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