How-to: add external links to your YouTube end card

Have twitter, facebook and website links you want to add to your Outro’s Youtube annotations? 

Do you want to display and link playlists to your annotations? Now you can!! Here is how:

If you want to add links to external web sites to your end cards, it is easy to do so through the Outromaker template editor. 

The editor allows you to add arbitrary links to websites you want. Even youtube itself. So, using the links tool, you can add links to your website, your own youtube channel or add a link to a playlist you have. Moreover, you can link to your social channels:

Annotation pointing to blog/twitter

What you need:

First of all, you need to verify your YouTube channel (here is howto). Doing so, will allow you to create annotations that link to your verified website. You can find instructions on how to do so on this post by youTube

Next, you just edit your template and add link placeholders.

Adding the link annotation placeholder in the template editor.

As soon as you add the placeholder over the position of where the annotation should be created, a popup window appears, asking for the link. If you are pointing to your website, you need to enter  the same website link as the one you entered on the YouTube verification website field . 

Social networks links 

Since you can target any link on your website, you can use it to forward custom links on your website to e.g. your social network accounts. 

For example, if your site is e.g, you can set to forward to your twitter account at or to your account. 

For this of course, you will need to have a blog hosted somewhere. 
Especially for cases where you have a blog based on platforms like, you can use plugins like e.g. simple-redirect to take care of the redirect to twitter and facebook. The same is of course possible with other platforms like blogger, typepad, drupal, wix blogs etc.

With this you have the option to add all your social channels right on your video! 

You also get the added bonus of adding all those to the template so you do not have to set them over and over again each time you create an outro.

Links to playlists

You can also use the link annotations to redirect people to a playlist you have. Just go to your youtube playlist and grab the URL. Paste the URL to the OutroMaker editor’s link pop up and you’re done. 
Remember, you need to have created a template background that in some way represents the playlist with a graphic element, as the link placeholder only places the link annotation and do not render anything on the final video itself. For more information on how to create a template, you can check this post

Links to videos

Using the link placeholder to link to other videos can prove useful to not necessarily use the video itself rendered. So, for example, there might be a specific video you want it displayed in all your outros. But you just want to place a small text link to it somewhere in the corner. You can do so with the link placeholder. Just enter the URL of the video in the box and you’re all set. 

Differences between video placeholders and link placeholders. 

There are a few main differences between video placeholders and link placeholders. 

  • The video placeholders allow you to choose a different video each time you create an outro while the link placeholders are set when designing the template.
  • The video placeholders have a fixed aspect ratio (as they need to accommodate videos which also have a fixed aspect ratio), while the link placeholders can have any rectangle shape you want. 
  • The video placeholders link to, well, videos, while the link placeholders can link everywhere YouTube allows you to link. So, if you do have an associated website, you can link there as well.

To recap

  • You can now add links to your website while designing a template in Outromaker.
  • You need to point the link to either or your verified website. 
  • You can use a redirect plugin on your website to jump to social channels
  • The actual links are set when designing the template. (instead of when creating the outro). 

So, go ahead and link all your social channels and playlists! It is now easy as pie!

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