Adding Playlist links to your YouTube outros with OutroMaker

Having playlists in your channel is beneficial to your video SEO. Keyword-rich playlists will boost your video’s searchability and increase user view times as they will be viewing context-related videos.

Adding a playlist on your outro is a good way to guide your viewers to even more, well organized, related content. If your playlists are tightly packed and contain very specific content, they have the additional benefit of creating a seamless experience for the viewer because on a playlist, the videos will play one after the other, increasing your view times, video sessions and user retention. These metrics are key to your YouTube channel ranking.

How to create a playlist on YouTube’s interface.

Easy! Just go to “my Channel” on your YouTube video editor and then select “Playlists”. Then add a new Playlist and, after giving it a name, select the videos you want.

Creating an Outro Template with playlists

There are two options for adding playlists in the OutroMaker interface.

Since playlists carry their own thumbnail image, usually from the first video in the list, you can either use that thumbnail for the playlist or just add a link over a graphic or text you add to your template.

In the example below, I added a text (“Playlist: My Art Journals”) which is a clear way to let your viewers know what is on that link.

Marking the playlist

From the left menu, just select the “PLAYLIST” button and drag it over the area you want marked:

… and then select the playlist to link to.

Using the Playlist thumbnail

If you want to select the thumbnail to show on the final rendered outro, you can check the “toggle thumbnail” button.

this will make the thumbnail appear and create a link over it.

Remember, the thumbnail does NOT have the video aspect ratio of 16:9 but rather the old 4:3 format. So if you want to create a border for it, make sure to make it 4:3

You can also resize the thumbnail by dragging the corners and move it arount to place it exactly where you want.

A few notes:

  • The playlist link is attached to the template, not any individual outro. This means that if you want to create outros with different playlist links, you must create different outro templates
  • The playlist link is present on the cards as well. So, make sure you add the cards to make the playlist accessible to mobile devices as well.

That’s it!

The process of adding a playlist link on your outro is as simple as it can be. Go ahead and create one!